We focus on the manufacture of special gauze for medical use. We handle special gauze used for artificial dialysis at medical sites and gauze for wiping medical equipment. We have established a manufacturing method that uses our specialized machinery, enabling small-lot, high-mix production and special folding, thus enabling our company to meet each specification. Our non-woven fabric is a cotton material which does not incorporate knitting, film, or paper in its composition. The process for this type of fabric, from raw material to finished product, is shorter than for other types of cloth. Thus, it can be manufactured at a relatively low cost, and it is a very versatile material that can easily be structurally transformed into various shapes. By using various cellulose materials such as Cotto Ace, Oikos, TCF, Tencel, etc., it is possible to respond to special applications.

Medical Product Details

Medical care Non-woven fabric processing Dialysis set Medical nonwoven wiper Examination table pillow cover, face cover

Medical Product Details

Non-woven fabric mechanical folding process supports 640 types of folds.

Cleanliness, safety, and security are ensured by manufacturing in a clean room that maintains positive pressure.

Obtained medical device manufacturing license (23BZ200003).