We manufacture high quality cotton puffs used by makeup artists and beauty salons. Cotton puffs are essential for many people in their daily make-up and skin-care routine. Since these puffs come into contact with the skin almost every day, we deliver safe, high-quality products to all beauty-conscious people under the motto "Safety, Security, and Reliable Technology." The main portion of our products are used commercially; for introducing cosmetics at cosmetic shops, for sales promotion items of cosmetic manufacturers, etc. Our satisfied customers in the beauty industry continue to recommend our products to others in the field who use them in new and innovative ways.

Types of Cosmetic Products

COSME Puff Cotton Non-woven cotton puff Commercial-use (Estheticians, Beauty Salons) Promotional-use (Single item-use/Novelty)

Commercial-use cotton is used by estheticians, make-up artists, beauty salons, and sales promotion campaigns.